Tulips B6


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Tulips grow as a single stem and flower for each plant, with 2 to 6 leaves (although less common varieties can have 12) which are long, thin and green. The flowers, which come in many colours have 6 ‘tepals’ which comprise 3 petals and 3 sepals. Each plant can vary in height ranging from 10cm to 71cm depending on the species.
Tulips (Tulipa species) are one of the first signs of spring and are the world’s most financially important ornamental flower crop, according to Floridata. These colorful bulb flowers are a favorite with home gardeners not only for their beauty, but for the fact that they are easy to plant and grow. Tulips comprise more than 2,000 species and cultivars, which have been divided into 15 classifications. The flowers are classified in part by their appearances

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